Surabaya (10/06) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues to develop property products in the city of Surabaya, East Java. After successfully launching a commercial product in the integrated mixed-use & high-rise area of ​​Tierra a while back, the Company is now strengthening the landed housing market by launching three new clusters in the Graha Natura housing estate.

Harto Laksono, Intiland’s Director of Marketing for Surabaya area, explained that right now is the best moment for the Company to introduce a new residential product. In addition to the vast potential of the housing market, the community’s need for landed housing products is increasing, especially in the Surabaya market.

Anticipating this positive trend, the Company has launched three new clusters at Graha Natura, including Alamanda, Edenia Extension, and Magnolia. These three clusters offer added value and product advantages and are tailored to the needs of their respective target markets.

“Since the beginning of this year, public interest in the housing products that we have developed tends to continue to rise. We try to accommodate and fill these niche needs through these three new clusters targeting a slightly different market segment, both for young families and the more premium segment,” said Harto Laksono.

To fill the need for the young family market segment, the Company presents Alamanda, the newest cluster that offers modern and compact housing at affordable prices for young couples. Its strategic location close to the area’s main gate makes this cluster easy to reach and close to various commercial facilities, including the club house.

The Alamanda cluster development covers an area of ​​4,200 square meters and offers 30 houses of various types, namely Delonix, Daffodil, and Violet. With a selling price starting from Rp2.1 billion, each unit provides two variants to choose from: Standard with two bedrooms and Deluxe with three bedrooms. These two-story housing units have the same land area, 90 square meters, where the building areas vary, ranging from 66 to 97 square meters.

Meanwhile, to meet the need for housing with a larger land and building areas, the Company presents Edenia Extension cluster, an expansion of one of the most favorite clusters in Graha Natura. Occupying a development area of ​​6,600 square meters, Edenia Extension only offers 32 housing units which are strategically located on the front side of the housing estate, close to the entrance to the estate.

According to Harto Laksono, Edenia Extension offers a two-story house with four bedrooms designed with the concept of a growing house. Built on a fairly spacious area of ​​144 square meters, the owners can develop it according to their needs for space in the future. This cluster offers two types of choices, namely Orchid and Dahlia, each of which has a building area of ​​150 and 149 square meters and is marketed starting from Rp2.7 billion per unit.

“Edenia Extension is the answer to consumers’ strongly positive response to the development of Edenia cluster since 2016. Due to the high demand for this type, this year we present a new development with advantages in terms of design, facilities, and more efficient use of space functions. This decision is the right one, because the market response is very good and currently more than 50% have been sold,” he said further.

In addition to the two clusters, the Company also launched the expansion of the Magnolia cluster to meet the community’s need for even larger and more premium residential units. Targeting a higher segment of the market, the Magnolia cluster presents a limited 17 units of two-story houses with a large land area, ranging from 160 to 240 square meters.

Each house in this cluster features four bedrooms with four alternative types to choose from, with varying building areas, from 173 to 252 square meters. Marketed starting from Rp3.5 billion per unit, each house in this cluster is designed with the best spatial arrangement that presents to its occupants an impression of coziness and spaciousness.

Harto is optimistic that the level of market demand in Surabaya for premium housing will remain strong and are relatively stable.

To cater to this particular market niche, the Company presents the Hawthorn type in the Magnolia cluster as the most spacious type, further equipped with a private swimming pool.

The launch of these new clusters is part of Intiland’s strategy for enhancing the development of Graha Natura residential area. This residential area, which has been developed since 2011, is one of the Company’s main projects in the Surabaya property market.

Graha Natura is an 86-hectare integrated residential development located in West Surabaya. This area is growing rapidly and is close to a number of facilities for lifestyle needs, such as shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, and an array of the best international schools and universities.

In line with the long-term development plan, Graha Natura has been equipped with various superior facilities which are added values ​​of this housing. A reforestation area with an artificial lake, 1.2 hectares in size, has been built at the heart of the residential area. This area is also equipped with a jogging track and playground that can be used as a communal space for the residents of Graha Natura.

The Company is optimistic that the property market in Surabaya will improve in line with the various incentives already provided by the government. Along with the dynamics of the growing property market, the Company has prepared various promotion programs to make it easier for consumers to make their property purchases.

“We have prepared several special promotional programs for consumers. These programs will benefit them because it provides them with great convenience in purchasing property products at Graha Natura,” he said further.

Some of these marketing programs include light payment options, such as a limited offer of a fixed 3.75% mortgage interest for 3 years with a reputable bank, as well as a direct gift of up to 50 grams of gold. In the near future, the Company will also launch a marketing campaign program that is held in an integrated manner and offers various promos, discounts, and attractive prizes.

Commercial Facilities

In accordance with the regional development plan, the Company has equipped Graha Natura with a host of commercial facilities. Located right along the 26-meter wide main boulevard road, the Company has built a commercial center area divided into three development stages. In the earlier stages, SOHO Natura 1 and 2 have all been sold.

Accommodating the ever-high demand for SOHO products, the Company is currently marketing SOHO Natura 3. Occupying a development area of ​​2,000 square meters, the Company offers 15 units of two-story SOHO with prices starting from Rp2.4 billion.

“We believe that these commercial units will soon be absorbed by the market because the rental potential from the previous stage is considerably good. Most of them have operated as offices or showrooms, cafes or coffee shops, and other supporting retail functions,” said Harto.

Another new development is a club house which is nearing the completion stage. The facility, called Natura Club House, is being constructed on an area of ​​2,600 square meters and will have a total building area of ​​6,500 square meters.

The three-story club house and one rooftop area is projected to start operating by the end of this year. This facility provides a vast range of sports facilities, from a gym, semi-indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, to a children’s pool.

Owing to its excellent residential area development concept, Graha Natura has received various accolades at the national level.

Such accolades include the award for The Best Medium Scale Development in Surabaya at the BTN Golden Property Awards, The Best Project Development in East Java at the Indocement Awards, and Green Infrastructure & Open Space at the Green Property Awards.***