Jakarta (14/2) – PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland;DILD) targets marketing sales of Rp3.3 trillion in 2018. The target is 15 percent higher than 2017 achievement of Rp2.93 trillion.

Capital and Investment Management Director of Intiland, Archied Noto Pradono, said the

marketing sales target was specifically from the sales of property units. The Company didn’t include into the calculation recurring income from property investment segment.

“The marketing sales target we have set is only from the sales of our projects in three segments: mixed-use & high rise, landed residential, and industrial estate,” Archied explained.

Based on the segments, the largest contributor to the marketing sales is mixed-use & high rise development with Rp2.5 trillion or 75.7 percent. The next major contributors are landed residential segment with Rp606.8 billion or 18.3 percent, and industrial estate with Rp200 billion or 6.1 percent.

Archied voiced his optimism that the national property market would continue to gradually improve. The management of Intiland was confident the property market would grow despite risks and worries following the political tension due to simultaneous election held across the country.

He said the property market had been soft in the last few years, and the market was prone to wait and see. At present, though, the market has shown the signs of rebounding along with the rising volume in sales and investment in property products.

“As a property developer, we consider all aspects when we plan to launch a new project or a new product. We are sure that people’s need for property will still grow, in line with the improving macro conditions and the fundamental of the national economy,” he added.

Aside from the marketing sales target, the Company has also set the target for recurring income. The target for this sector which comes from property investment segment is set at Rp547 billion, an increase of around 26 percent from 2017 achievement of Rp432 billion. The Company believes the higher target for the recurring income can give positive impact to the Company’s operations and business prospect in the future. The Company has projected an increase from recurring income, notably from the management of office buildings such as South Quarter in South Jakarta, or other office building.***