Surabaya, 22 February 2022 – Indonesia’s leading e-commerce company PT Global Digital Niaga (Blibli) has established a strategic partnership with property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD; Intiland) to facilitate the public in using Intiland’s premium facilities. This collaboration was inaugurated through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation represented by Didi Tjandra as Branch Commercial Manager of Blibli Surabaya with Harto Laksono, Marketing Director of Intiland for Surabaya on Tuesday (22/2).

Lay Ridwan Gautama, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Digital Product & Automotive Category Blibli, said, “Throughout 2021, Blibli recorded a threefold increase in orders for service products. This shows a change in people’s behavior in their method of ordering services, and some of the growing demands are for flexible office rentals, premium sports locations, and services to support customers’ healthy lifestyles during the pandemic. Collaboration with Intiland we believe is a solution in facilitating these needs through easy digital accessibility and supported by comprehensive payment options.”

Intiland is a property developer with a diverse portfolio. In addition to developing residential areas, apartments, offices, retail, industrial areas, warehouses, and hotels, Intiland also manages a network of sports clubs and golf courses. Intiland’s property development locations are spread across many areas, such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, Mojokerto, and Batang.

Intiland’s Property Director for Surabaya area, Simon Joseph Wirawan, explained that the collaboration with Blibli is one of the breakthroughs to provide convenience for the society. This e-commerce service is an effective means for companies to improve the quality of customer service while expanding their market reach. This breakthrough is in line with the dynamics of the changing consumer behavior, where they increasingly demand a variety of services that are easier, cheaper, and more efficient to obtain.

“Through this collaboration, we are also launching the official Intiland store on application. This new method makes it simple for customers to access various types of property services, such as sport club tickets, memberships and personal trainers, easily, safely and at competitive prices,” said Simon Joseph Wirawan.

In the first phase of this collaboration, Intiland markets the services for co-working space facilities, club houses, and personal trainer packages via Blibli. Customers can easily ensure the availability of places online, choose the available facilities, and make transactions through Blibli with all the benefits, including a complete choice of payment methods, including 0% installments and 24/7 customer care.

Currently, the public can choose a variety of services at four premium properties in the West Surabaya and Central Surabaya areas. Some of these services include Roca Sports Club at Graha Famili, Natura Clubhouse at Graha Natura, and golf facilities at Golf Graha Famili. The facilities include swimming pool, gym, personal trainer, driving range, and golf course.

Beyond that, through Blibli, people can also secure a co-working space at all SUB Co outlets in Surabaya. This includes dedicated tables and meeting rooms. SUB Co is a co-working space developed by Intiland and has become one of the favorite co-working spaces among start-ups in the city of Surabaya. SUB Co’s business network has expanded to many locations, such as in Tierra, Plaza Segi Delapan, Spazio and Spazio Tower in West Surabaya, as well as at Intiland Tower, at the central business district of Surabaya.

Simon Joseph Wirawan said that public awareness about healthy lifestyles and the need for exercise is increasingly becoming a trend. This is reflected from growth in the number of guests and memberships in several sports club and golf courses in recent times. During this pandemic, the Company enforces strict health restrictions and protocols to provide protection and comfort for the guests.

The various potentials above, according to Lay Ridwan Gautama, make for a golden opportunity for Blibli to expand its market segment while strengthening its position as the leader of omnichannel solutions in Indonesia. For Intiland, this synergy reinforces the digital transformation that is strengthening its business growth in the Industry 4.0 era.

“We welcome our customers to experience the convenience and comfort offered by Blibli in accessing high quality rental property services offered by Intiland. It is also our passion to cater to the various needs of a vast range of segments, while consistently presenting various technology-based innovations that support Blibli’s quest to become the most trusted e-commerce platform for the Indonesian public,” concluded Lay.