Surabaya (04/03) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD; Intiland) launched the development of a new commercial area in the residential area of ​​Graha Natura, Surabaya, East Java. After having brought housing clusters and commercial property products to the market, this 86-hectare residential area now has completed the development of a new commercial area called Aurora.

Harto Laksono, Marketing Director of Intiland for the Surabaya area, explained that Aurora is a commercial area development with a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) concept. The location is strategic as it is at the forefront of the area as well as being the main entrance gate for the Graha Natura residential area.

“Aurora will become the identity of the region as well as a demonstration of our commitment to meeting the high demand of the market for doing businesses in Graha Natura. This area is the main commercial facility for residents and people living around the Graha Natura area,” said Harto Laksono in Surabaya, Friday (4/3).

Occupying a development area of ​​approximately one hectare, Aurora was developed as an integrated commercial area with a 26-meter wide main boulevard access road. Presented as an icon of the area is its magnificent entrance gate. Aurora has a modern building design with a majestic-looking frontage facing the main road of Sambikerep, and a wide area entrance road.

Aurora’s development concept has designed it as the newest commercial, shopping and recreational center area in the West Surabaya area. In addition to providing a large parking area, Aurora is equipped with many open areas with an al fresco concept, making it suitable for various types of businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants, offices, and various other types of business.

The development of Aurora, according to Harto Laksono, is inseparable from the growing trend of the community demand for commercial areas and business places that has continued to increase in the West Surabaya area. This area is one of the fastest growing areas in the city of Surabaya, along with better and more complete infrastructure and public facilities.

“The community’s need for commercial property areas and products tends to improve from year to year. This positive trend shows that public interest in developing new businesses or expanding their business network is also on the rise. The commercial properties that we had launched previously have been very well received by the market,” said Harto Laksono.

The development of Aurora is Intiland’s strategic measure in strengthening the commercial property market in the city of Surabaya. Prior to the development of Aurora, the Company has successfully launched a number of commercial property products, such as SOHO 1–3 at Graha Natura and SOHO Tierra, also in West Surabaya.

In Aurora’s development, the Company provides 50 units of three-story SOHO offered in two types: Australis and Borealis. Both have a modern and functional design and have the main advantage of having dual access.

The Australis type can be used as a place for business and residence at the same time, with its two distinct accesses. From the front there is access that can be used for business purposes, while access from the back is for the residents.

The Borealis type is designed with a more specific function, that is, as a place of business. This type has different access on the ground floor and upstairs, making it possible for the owner to run three different types of businesses on each floor, each with their own access.

“We have designed these two types of SOHO differently from SOHO in general. The Australis and Borealis types each have their advantages, so consumers can choose the type that suits their needs and the type of business they run,” said Harto Laksono.

SOHO units in Aurora have a building width of five meters with different areas in each type. The Australis type has a building length of 24 meters and a building area of ​​360 square meters. The Borealis type meanwhile offers more choices with building lengths ranging from 14 meters to 20 meters with a building area ranging from 210 square meters to the widest unit of 300 square meters.

Designed with a multifunctional concept, these SOHO units not only provide flexibility in the functionality of the room, but also prioritize the comfort for the residents or users. The ceiling on each floor is relatively high, reaching an average of 3.8 meters, even for corner units, whose ceiling is up to six meters high. Each unit is equipped with toilet on each floor, clean water infrastructure, as well as 2200 W electricity network on the first floor and 4400 W for the second and third floors.

Aurora is very strategically located, because it is close to, and surrounded by, many other residential areas. The location has two main access roads, namely Jalan Sambikerep and Jalan Lontar, each with a width of 20 meters. There are plans to build a new 20-meter wide access road from Jalan Mayjen Yono Soewoyo to Jalan Sambikerep, in Lontar. This area is close to several business centers in West Surabaya, toll access, international hospitals, hotels, education centers, and is located around a large residential area.

“We believe that Aurora will be a success and will be well received by the market. In addition to having a captive market, this commercial area will become a new business and lifestyle zone in West Surabaya. Aurora provides substantial added value, starting from the development concept, market potential, to long-term growth in property value,” he said further.

According to him, Aurora’s business and investment potential will improve along with subsequent developments of Graha Natura and West Surabaya. At the initial launch, the Company marketed SOHO units in Aurora with competitive prices starting from Rp2.6 billion. The Company also offers a special promo program, in the form of a down payment followed with installments for 18 months.

The Company plans to start the construction of Aurora in the third quarter of 2023. The Company projects that handover of units to buyers will start in December 2024, and that Aurora will have been operational by the first quarter of 2025.

Area Facilities

Graha Natura is one of Intiland’s main projects in the city of Surabaya. The development of an integrated residential area which began in 2012 is divided into two phases. The Company is currently focusing on the phase II development, which includes residential, commercial and supporting facilities.

In line with the long-term development plan, Graha Natura has been equipped with various superior facilities which are added values ​​of this housing. One of the newest facilities is the Natura Club House, which is located at the forefront of the area. This sports and fitness center covers an area of ​​6,500 square meters provides various sports and gym facilities, such as a semi-indoor swimming pool, a swimming pool for children, and restaurant facilities.

Graha Natura also provides an open green area and a lake called Dream Lake, which is equipped with a jogging track area, outdoor gym, and a playground area. All of these facilities can be enjoyed by residents of the Graha Natura area and the surrounding community.

“We want the existence of various commercial and supporting facilities such as SOHO, club house and Dream Lake to become a gathering place and lifestyle center for the community. All of these facilities can be a comfortable and safe place for people to socialize, as well as provide business and business convenience for residents of Graha Natura as well as for communities around the area,” said Harto Laksono.

Another new development is upcoming, called Rustic Market, a culinary center facility. It is currently under construction. Located right next to Dream Lake, Rustic Market will become a culinary center and activity zone projected to start operating in the middle of this year.

Developed into an integrated residential area with a strong concept and environmentally friendly, Graha Natura has received various recognitions and awards as a top property in Indonesia. These awards include the Silver Winner of the FIABCI – REI Excellence Awards 2021, Best Residential Development, the category of compact-scale housing in East Java at the 2019 Golden Property Awards, The Best Medium Scale Development in Surabaya at the 2017 Golden Property Awards, The Best Project Development in East Java in the Indocement Awards, and Green Infrastructure & Open Space in the Green Property Awards.

The above awards are proof of the public appreciation and recognition for the excellence of Graha Natura as a leading residential development area, one that is not only comfortable as a place to live but also has a high investment value. Graha Natura is considered to boast a remarkably well-defined concept of development, having applied the principles of sustainable and green development. ***