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Intiland Launches I AM Intiland Young Leaders Program

Jakarta (21/04) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) is realizing its commitment to empowering the young generation as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Under the Intiland Youth Panel program, the Company launched a leadership training for young generation called IAM Intiland Young Leaders (IYL).

Theresia Rustandi, Intiland’s corporate secretary and head of CSR, referred to IYL as a part of the ongoing program of Intiland Youth Panel and I AM Community. IYL aims to become a meeting place for young people from all over Indonesia to learn and gain experience about leadership. This program is also a form of the Company’s participation in producing future leaders who will be able to make a real contribution to economic growth, especially in the national property sector.

“Intiland Young Leaders is an embodiment of our responsibility and contribution as property developers to empower the younger generation. This program equip them and prepare them to become future leaders,” said Theresia further.

The IYL program is organized through a series of activities and activities, such as the stages of the selection process, briefing and deepening, to departure to the destination location. Participants who passed the selection phase were entitled to take part in the final event, held at Desa Tangguh Wisata Kadin Indonesia, Tasola Beach Village, Tanak Song Lauk, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on 17–20 June 2022.

Desa Tangguh Wisata Tasola Beach Village is an initiative of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP). It is located in the hamlet of Tanak Song Lauk, North Lombok. The development of Tasola Beach Village is directly under the coordination and guidance of the KKP and the West Nusa Tenggara Chamber of Commerce.

KKP and West Nusa Tenggara Chamber of Commerce have developed economic activities in Tasola with the concept of a marine tourism village, by ramping up the production of marine products and building self-reliance of local residents by leveraging local potential and strengths. The concept of sustainable development is in line with the objectives of the IYL program for the sustainability of the livelihoods of the community and the environment, as well as improving the quality of human resources and natural resources.

“Selected participants will jointly discuss the post-natural disaster and post-pandemic economic recovery program for the local community. They will dive in and learn directly to run social campaigns and provide assistance to strengthening public awareness about the potential of Tasola Beach Village, as well as provide basic leadership training and sharing for the local young generation,” said Theresia further.

IYL is open to young people aged 18 to 30. Participants can choose one of two types of selection programs, namely the Scholarship for selected participants (fully funded) and the direct entry or self-financed program.

To know more about this program, a Fun Talkshow event titled “Let’s Join I AM Intiland Young Leaders to Become Future Leaders” was held. This online discussion activity took place on Friday, 22 April 2022 at 19.00 WIB, featuring a number of speakers from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tasola Beach Village, and insurance business practitioners. The public were able to participate in this activity via this link:

“We invite all young people to join the I AM Intiland Young Leaders program. It’s great to see the enthusiasm of young people who are extraordinarily creative with their fresh ideas and have a strong passion to share their experiences with each other and have a strong commitment to learning and contributing to society,” Theresia stated.

IYL has been specifically designed to prepare young people to gain experience and receive leadership training, especially in the fields of property investment, finance, and economics. As part of the larger Intiland Youth Panel program, the Company opens the widest possible opportunity for the young generation to learn about many aspects of the property industry through the IYL program or by joining the I AM Community.

The first wave of IYL, according to Theresia, focused its programs and activities on education, expertise, personal development, and motivation activities regarding the property industry and property investment. Such activities included masterclass sessions, sustainable initiatives pitch, community services, campaign challenge, and awarding night.

The masterclass session presented a number of experts who shared topics on leadership, personal development, financial management, and motivation regarding the property industry and investment. The participants were then challenged to define, develop, and propose sustainable initiatives for Tasola Beach Village during the Sustainable Initiatives Pitch promotion session.

The participants also had the opportunity to contribute directly to the community by conducting guidance, education, and mentoring activities for the residents of Tasola Beach Village tourist destination. These were done during the community services and campaign challenge sessions. During these sessions, participants shared their experiences and smart tips for utilizing social media and financial management.

The highlight of this IYL program series was the awarding night. In addition to being the closing ceremony of the program, at this session IYL participants who had been selected as the best participants also received awards and accolades.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of I AM Community, Monica Tanata, added that as part of the Intiland Youth Panel program, currently I AM Community is actively holding various activities in person and online. These activities boasted a variety of interesting themes and involved participants from various cities in Indonesia.

One of the currently running main programs is I AM Talent, a selection and training program for Brand Ambassadors. This program, which targets the millennial age group, provides various types of training and self-development methods that are beneficial for its participants. There is also training and education on social media content strategy, career development, and investment and the property industry.

“This program is specifically designed for and targeted at millennials. They can learn how to effectively develop their potential and career, take advantage of the latest developments in social media, and understand enough to invest in property from a young age,” said Monica.

I AM Community is committed to developing the potential of young people in Indonesia to have a better understanding of the property industry, both in terms of investing and the basic tenets of property business. Such knowledge is presented in each activity. I AM Community is also a talent pool for the industry to manage the need for young professional candidates who excel in and understand the property industry. This community is expected to foster a young generation with potential, talent, and deep understanding, and thus they can become savvy investors and even formidable property businesspeople in the future.***