Isen offers the exclusivity of a healthy life with modern tropical design. The lush and green environment is made safer with 24-hour security and one gate system, making Isen a favorite choice for the expatriates.


Located in the exclusive area of West Surabaya, Isen gives you easy access and a wide range of facilities to try.

Going anywhere is easier


  • Tol Surabaya - Porong

Mall & Retails

  • Spazio
  • Loop
  • Graha Fairground
  • Pakuwon Mall
  • Lenmarc Mall


  • National Hospital
  • RS Mitra Keluarga


  • Surabaya European School
  • Sekolah Ciputra
  • Sekolah Cita Hati
  • Singapore National Academy
  • Surabaya Taipei School
  • Merlion School
  • Sages Institutes
  • Universitas Ciputra


Private Pool

24-Hour Security


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    A Surabaya Property which Brings Resort Ambiance to Your Life

    We understand how important it is to find the perfect home. With this busy day to day activities nowadays, the point in finding a house is how that place could make people relax and feel away from the busy town, and also at ease knowing that they live in a safe housing complex with credible securities. The number of families is increasing each year, and that’s why In real estate Surabaya, house is the never-dying Surabaya property that people are always looking for.

    Year after year there will always be another new development for housing complex to meet the buyers’ demand. As a well-known property developer, Intiland also offers great Surabaya property and one of them is Isen Surabaya.

    When describing the perfect Surabaya property, what people will be mostly looking for in real estate Surabaya are a great surrounding, strategic location, and great building design. For many years, Intiland has been known to build various Surabaya property, and have been leading real estate Surabaya for its great properties. Similar to most of its Surabaya property and other properties, Intiland does not lose its values of focusing on the green, clean and serene environment for the residents. This time, they introduced Isen as an addition to their real estate Surabaya scene. Another amazing real estate Surabaya offered by Intiland.

    Isen infuses luxury tropical vibes into your life

    Sometimes, what people are looking for when buying Surabaya property is the exclusiveness. After a long day at work or any other activities, some people are waiting to just lay down and be pampered in a luxurious place; which you can find at Isen. As one of Intiland’s most luxurious Surabaya property, Isen provides residents with an exclusive life that they can indulge daily through luxury lifestyle and vibes - some benefits that they couldn’t get in any other real estate Surabaya. The property keeps a lush and green environment that will please your eyes. It also helps in bringing a modern tropical ambience to your life.

    Other than the luxury lifestyle it offers, Isen also provides a great security service for all residents. As Intiland consider security as a priority issue, Isen also ensures the resident's safety in the real estate Surabaya area by providing 24-hour security service and one gate system. You will feel safe leaving your house when needed or when you have to come home late at night. Not only that, but the facilities it offers also an added point for people, especially expatriated, to choose Isen as their first choice for Surabaya property. It’s the perfect home with many benefits, and a great investment to make when you’re looking for a Surabaya property.

    Strategic Location

    A strategic location ensures every real estate Surabaya to be loved by people. In this busy town and time, people need to find a Surabaya property that is located strategically to save time in doing many activities. Among other real estate Surabaya, Isen is located in one of the most prestigious areas in West Surabaya with various facilities that stud around the area whereby residents can pamper themselves with. Residents do not have to worry when it comes to transportation accessibility. Isen is accessible with Tol Surabaya-Porong. Residents can also commute to other cities around Java by using this highway in no time.

    Complete Facilities

    Aside from strategic location, a residential with complete facilities also preferable. For entertainment, there are malls nearby Isen real estate Surabaya areas, such as Spazio, Loop, Graha Fairground, Pakuwon Mall and Lenmarc Mall. Other than entertainment, residents can also visit National Hospital and RS Mitra Keluarga for medical services when needed. For families with children, nearby school and universities is also as important. As for educational institutions, Isen is close to many world-class schools and universities that are trusted by families around Indonesia such as Surabaya European School, Sekolah Ciputra, Sekolah Cita Hati, Singapore National Academy, Surabaya Taipei School, Merlion School, Sages Institutes and Universitas Ciputra.

    As home is one of the most important investment to make, we should carefully consider which Surabaya property that fits our’s and family’s need. Best believe that Isen is the perfect real estate Surabaya to choose as your home.