Dearest Intiland Family,

We in Indonesia and the world are currently facing an emergency in connection with the spread of
Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has been declared as a global pandemic. In light of this alarming
situation, I want to address you personally and share with you some information about important
steps to ensure your comfort, safety, and security which remain our highest priority.
We at Intiland care about your wellbeing and are serious about this emergency situation. We are
committed to taking every effort and mobilizing all our resources to ensure your safety at all our
properties. Since mid-March 2020, we have been implementing policies and protocols to prevent
the spread of Covid-19 in all our projects, offices, residential areas, apartments and other
properties. The implementation of this emergency protocol marks our effort to protect you and
help create a sense of security for you and your family, as an integral part of the Intiland Family.

We have also activated the Covid-19 Prevention Task Force for ensuring that emergency policies
and protocols are in place in all projects and properties of Intiland. This task force is responsible for
monitoring the situation and helping you receive ample protection and a sense of security from this

In the past two weeks, we have carried out a series of preventive measures through some key
actions to contribute to allaying the spread of Covid-19. We continue to carry out these measures.
We monitor them, and will evaluate them continuously. Some measures that we are taking include:

 Improving the quality and frequency of cleaning and perform regular disinfection at public
areas throughout our property, including the lobby, elevators, door handles, toilets, parks
and children’s playgrounds.
 Enacting a social distancing policy to provide a safe distance between people
throughout all our office buildings and apartments, including the lobby, elevator, meeting
& function rooms, canteens and restaurants throughout our properties.
 Providing hand sanitizers and masks in the lobby area of our offices,
apartments, marketing galleries, and projects.
 Checking body temperature at the entrances to all buildings, offices and apartments.
 Refraining from hosting all public activities that involve many people and limiting the
frequency of face to face meetings.
 Coordinating intensively with the nearest health agency or hospital in the vicinity of our
projects and properties.

I understand that activating the Covid-19 prevention protocol may result in certain inconveniences
in your part. However, this is an important measure that we must take for our sake to provide a
sense of security and to protect you and your family from this pandemic. I sincerely would like to
express our gratitude for your trust in Intiland. I realize that given the current emergency situation
as well as the government’s urge to reduce mobility and public activities, visiting our offices,
projects and marketing galleries should be done with extreme precaution and should not be your
priority at this stage.

However, I would like to say that in the current condition, we remain committed to providing our
best level of service. We ensure that all operational services are there for you to live your life as
normally. We have arranged for all the resources of the Company to remain capable of serving you
to the best of our ability. Our office operations and our projects are running as usual, but with
special arrangements. Our marketing offices are still open however we are running them with a
more limited number of sales/marketing staff. We make sure at all times that our office areas
remain clean and safe, and are limiting the number of guests in each visit. We also request our business partners, such as contractors, suppliers, and property agents, to follow or adjust to the
protocol that we are currently implementing.

In the end, we shall weather this storm together. I believe by being united, by helping each other,
and by caring for each other, we will become stronger and able to get through these trying times.
Thank you and I wish you health and success as always.

Warm Regards,

Hendro S. Gondokusumo
Presiden Direktur & CEO