Surabaya (16/12) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues to strengthen its office business segment by presenting innovative office space concepts. This measure is taken to cater to the market demand for innovative office space in line with the rapid development of the business.

Simon J. Wirawan, Intiland’s Director of Operations for Surabaya, explained that offices that are dynamic, compact, or simple, have recently been eyed by many start-ups. Offices featuring the co-working space concept have become the main choice for many millennials who are just starting or developing their business, especially those engaged in creative and technology-based industries.

Observing the dynamics and the rising need for alternative office space, the Company decided to expand its business by launching SUB Co Spazio Tower as an alternative office with the co-working space concept located in the Spazio Tower building, Graha Famili business district, Surabaya, East Java.

“We have paid close attention to the trend of the need for office space that has been very dynamic. Changes in business models and the new generation of business people are driving the shift towards office spaces that are flexible, practical, innovative, and less rigid in their ambience. They choose to focus more on the aspects of productivity, output, collaboration, and work comfort,” said Simon J. Wirawan at the media presentation in Surabaya (16/12).

SUB Co Spazio Tower occupies the 10th floor of the modern office building Spazio Tower, which is located in the business district of Graha Famili, West Surabaya. With a total area of ​​566 m2, SUB Co Spazio Tower is divided into two areas, namely the lounge and service office. The service office area is equipped with six shared desks, which can be used communally by members, along with 30 office suites for rent.

SUB Co Spazio Tower is the fourth node of the co-working network developed by the Company. The first SUB Co is located in the Tierra integrated area which has been developed since 2015, which was followed by the second SUB Co located in Spazio building, Surabaya.

This year, the service office at Intiland Tower Surabaya was also included in the management of SUB Co, and changed its name to SUB Co Intiland Tower Surabaya. Along with the development of the network, the Company’s SUB Co branches have been accommodating the need for co-working space in two business districts in Surabaya.

According to Simon J. Wirawan, SUB Co Spazio Tower features a number of key differences compared to the previous SUB Co branches’ concepts. SUB Co Spazio Tower has some special offers, including being more exclusive due to its members-only policy. Only tenants who are registered in the SUB Co service membership, either on a monthly or yearly basis, can enjoy the variety of services offered at SUB Co Spazio Tower.

“This concept is different from other co-working spaces, which usually cater to the retail market and rent out facilities on a daily basis. Our SUB Co Spazio Tower is specifically aimed at monthly or yearly tenants. This concept is one of our initiatives to provide more private and comfortable work environment and support the collaboration of its users,” he said further.

The development of SUB Co Spazio Tower is also a form of the Company’s commitment and contribution to boost the growth of the creative economy in Surabaya. The launch of this co-working space service is additionally aimed at meeting market demand for office space facilities that offer convenience and comfort, alongside competitive prices. This expansion is also in order to meet the demands of tenants who require additional office space in line with their rapid business development.

SUB Co Spazio Tower offers several monthly and yearly rental packages. The rate for sharing a desk is set at a mere Rp1.5 million per month, while the rent for an Office Suite is Rp2 million per month. There is separation between the service office and lounge areas to maintain tenant privacy and security. The lounge area provides a wider array of facilities, such as an open pantry, drinks, as well as a comfortable and uniquely designed sitting area.

“For the opening, we provide a special promo rate of Rp1 million per month for shared desks and Rp1.5 million per month for Office Suites. Although we have only launched it, now the occupancy rate is already exceeding 50 percent,” claimed Simon J. Wirawan.

SUB Co Spazio Tower provides various supporting facilities to support productivity and comfort for its tenants. Some of the main facilities available include high-speed internet network, printer and scanner, photocopier, air conditioning, and a kitchen.

Another advantage of SUB Co Spazio Tower is its strategic location that is easy to reach, being situated on the main road. SUB Co Spazio Tower is set in a modern office building equipped with easy access and security system features on each floor, available 24/7 to all members.


Creative Industry

Simon J. Wirawan explained that the trend of demand for co-working space concept is soaring rapidly in Surabaya, as start-ups are mushrooming, especially those engaged in the creative, communication, and digital industries. The younger generation, the so-called millennials, have been the driving force for these industries by conceiving ever more varied and innovative start-up businesses ideas.

This industry’s growth is one of the reasons why alternative offices such as co-working spaces are proliferating. The same situation has been seen in the development of the SUB Co network that the Company has so far been developing.

“The interest among start-up entrepreneurs in office space tends to be dynamic. This hinges on a variety of factors, such as location, accessibility, and the relatively lower cost compared to larger offices. SUB Co Tierra, SUB Co Spazio, and Sub Co Intiland Tower currently enjoy an average occupancy of over 90 percent,” he said.

Each SUB Co branch offers a different concept. SUB Co Tierra presents the concept of a workspace with industrial-style décor and furniture. It has six workspaces which are all currently rented, as well as a large communal work area. Next is SUB Co Spazio, which is located in the Spazio building, evoking a more formal feel.

The Company believes that offices offering the co-working space concept is the right answer to cater the needs of creative workers for an innovative workplace as well as a smart solution to build a broad network. Co-working spaces can be a business incubator that allows business start-ups to work together with other start-up founders.***