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Intiland Is Developing a New Industrial Estate: Batang Industrial Park

Jakarta (08/06) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD; Intiland) continues to strengthen and expand its industrial estate business by developing new industrial estates. The Company has initiated the development of Batang Industrial Park (BIP), an integrated industrial area located in Batang Regency, Central Java province.

Permadi Indra Yoga, Intiland’s director of business development, explained that BIP’s development embodies one of the Company’s strategies for business growth by strengthening its portfolio and enhancing its business performance in the long term. This development is also in anticipation of the growing demand for industrial land, while supporting the government’s program of expanding industrial estates to support the accelerated national economic growth and domestic industries.

“Based on our observation, we believe the need for industrial land will soar in the future, in line with the increasing number of companies who have plans for expansion. The development of BIP has a strategic value for Intiland’s long-term business growth and is a form of commitment to supporting government programs for economic growth, drawing foreign investment, and creating new jobs,” he said further.

Industrial estate development is one of the Company’s four main business segments. BIP is Intiland’s second industrial estate project, following the successful development of the Ngoro Industrial Park located in Mojokerto, East Java.

BIP is an integrated industrial estate whose development is divided into several stages. The first phase of development covers an area of 287 hectares, with further developments planned to cover a total area of 500 hectares.

In developing BIP, Intiland adheres to the principles of sustainability in its design and operations. The development of this industrial area seeks to comply with the principles of green building, clean industrial processes, and a strict water management system to maintain a balance with nature and the surrounding community.

Strategic Location and Ease of Connectivity

BIP’s location is highly strategic, located right on the Trans Java toll road which makes it easily accessible from Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya. BIP industrial area is located four kilometers from the Kademan KM 348 toll gate along the Pantura highway, making it very easy to reach, thanks to the excellent road infrastructure.

BIP industrial estate is supported by various public infrastructure, ensuring convenience and efficiency in terms of transportation and logistics. The public transportation infrastructure network encompasses Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang (80 km away), Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang (85 km), Pekalongan Railway Station (23 km), and Kertajati International Airport, Cirebon (160 km).

“Batang has become a preferred area for industrial land development. Besides being supported by excellent transportation infrastructure, Batang has a number of other added values, such as competitive labor cost, ample land availability, and long-term development potential,” said Permadi Indra Yoga.

In contrast to the development of other industrial areas in Batang, BIP’s geographical condition is quite unique as it is located in an area whose contour is hilly. The hilly terrain also diminishes the risk of flooding and ensures a well-maintained supply of clean water and air.

The Company is preparing BIP to be come an ideal industrial estate for light and medium industries. The Company is making the plots of land ready to build to meet the needs of factory or warehouse construction, catering to various industrial sectors. In addition, the Company also plans to provide Ready-to-use Factory Buildings as well as warehouses.

BIP will also be equipped with an integrated commercial area and a residential area designated for workers who will be working in the vicinity. This facility provides ease of service and facilitates the mobilization of workers, as well as being an added value for industrial players making BIP their base.

According to Permadi Indra Yoga, BIP is equipped with various infrastructure and main supporting services to meet the operational needs of the factories in it. These facilities include a stable electricity supply, telecommunications and internet networks, integrated sewage treatment plant, good water supply, integrated security system, fire department, and health clinic.

The Company so far has been trusted by a number of multinational and national companies that are building their new factories in BIP. The first investor in BIP is the multinational company PT Nestle Indonesia, which occupies an area of 20 hectares. It began the ground breaking of the factory construction in May 2021, and currently in the stage of completion of construction.

Currently, there are four companies that have cooperated with the Company to build their new factories within BIP’s area. The other three companies are engaged in packaging and welding electrode businesses.

The Company is optimistic that its strategic decision to develop this industrial area will prove gainful for its business. As proven for several years, the development of industrial estates has been supporting the Company’s overall business growth in the long term, and most importantly, in a sustainable manner. ***