Surabaya (22/03) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues to carry out new developments to strengthen its position in the market and meet the needs of the property market in Surabaya, East Java. Anticipating the rapid development of property and the growing trends of consumer demand in Surabaya, the Company has started the development of Tierra, a new superblock area located in the Segi Delapan area, West Surabaya.

Harto Laksono, Intiland’s Marketing Director for Surabaya area, explained that the development of Tierra marked a strategic step for the Company to anticipate changes in the property market, which are starting to exhibit some signs of resurgence. This 7.5 hectare integrated mixed-use & high-rise development area will be a solution to various needs and activities of the community, especially an area that integrates vertical residential functions, offices, hotels, commercial centers, as well as entertainment and modern lifestyle facilities.

“We present the development of Tierra to answer the market needs and respond to the business dynamics in Surabaya. Now is the best momentum for buyers to buy property as an investment choice. There are many convenient incentives that make it beneficial for purchasing property at this time,” said Harto Laksono.

The Tierra superblock is one of the Company’s flagship projects in its portfolio. This area is planned as a long-term development project that will make a significant contribution to the Company’s performance.

Apart from having the advantage of a sound and innovative regional development concept, Tierra’s location is very strategic, located in Surabaya City and surrounded by elite residential areas and close to business centers and crowds. This advantage provides added value for consumers in line with the increasingly limited availability of strategic land in West Surabaya area.

Tierra’s development area is also equipped with easy accessibility as one of the advantages it offers. The location is close to the business and commercial center of West Surabaya and this area is easily accessible from the main road of HR Muhammad and only 10 minutes from the Satellite Toll gate.

The Company plans to develop Tierra in several stages. The first phase of development includes a one-hectare commercial complex called Tierra SOHO. In this area, 76 commercial SOHO units with two and three floors will be constructed.

Unlike the SOHO concept in general, Tierra SOHO offers the flexibility of building functions as an office, commercial, and retail building. Adopting an innovative and energy efficient modern-tropical design concept, Tierra SOHO units are able to meet a variety of commercial needs and functions that consumers expect.

“Tierra SOHO will become an innovative business and commercial center and provide convenience for its owners in doing business. This development shall accommodate various needs for space functioning as a business,” said Harto Laksono.

The Company offers Tierra SOHO units in several types according to consumer needs. The first type is the three-story commercial SOHO unit, with a size of 5 x 12 meters and a building area of ​​180 square meters. The units of this type will be located in blocks A & D. The second type is the two-story commercial SOHO unit, with a size of 4.5 x 12 meters and a building area of ​​108 square meters, to be located in blocks B & C.

For some special needs of the consumers, the Company also provides a type of unit with a larger area in block E. This third type is a three-story commercial SOHO unit with a size of 6 x 12 meters and a building area of 216 square meters.

In terms of design, Tierra SOHO units offer a dual-façade or two-face feature as well as separate in-and-out access on each floor. This feature provides flexibility and important benefits for owners to run different types of business on each floor, without being distracted by the traffic of visitors who want to go to different floors.

“This innovative concept is still relatively new and rarely found in Surabaya. The owner of the unit can function each floor to run different types of business. This also benefits investors, because they can rent out each floor to a different tenant, so they can maximize the potential profit from the lease,” he said further.

With a classic-modern design concept, Tierra SOHO architecture was crafted by a renowned architect, Budhi Harmunanto from BHA Architect. Each Tierra SOHO building facade uses different materials to present a unique and luxurious impression to each block in the region. Providing access to a separate staircase from the main floor is considered to be of the great benefits to owners or tenants in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This concept provides more privacy for the owners and their guests, as the staircase use is private,” said Budi Harmunanto.

New Business District

Tierra SOHO is developed at a prime location within Tierra. Apart from being flanked by the area’s two main roads, the location of Tierra SOHO is also directly opposite Isen, an exclusive residential area developed by the Company. In addition, the location of Tierra SOHO is also close to two leading schools with international standards, namely Elyon Christian School and Piaget Life Academy, both of which are still under construction.

Harto explained that area is a potential commercial area for the West Surabaya market, especially in the Segi Delapan area. As well as being surrounded by luxurious residential complexes with a total of up to tens of thousands of families, in this area there are also up to ten top schools with thousands of students.

Currently, Tierra is equipped with various facilities to meet the needs of the community. In addition to Hokky Supermarket, Whiz Prime Hotel, SUB Co co-working space, there is also a Primalaras fitness center and a culinary center.

“The Segi Delapan area promises great opportunities for retail and start-up businesses because it accommodates various types of businesses, such as offices, restaurants, cafes, beauty centers, as well as training centers. We project that the potential visitors at this commercial SOHO will reach 3,000 people per day,” continued Harto.

Tierra SOHO is planned to be launched in the near future. At its initial launch, the Company will offer a special promo program, with the price for each unit starting from Rp2.3 billion.

Other programs will offer various payment methods for potential customers, such as management fee waiver for one year and incentives for opening a business. This special offer can be enjoyed by select consumers during the launch period and is limited to the unit selection period in mid-April this year.

“We are certain that Tierra SOHO will be well received by the market. Its sound development concept, its strategic location, competitive prices, and promising future investment potential will all serve to add value for consumers to develop their business in the Tierra region,” he spoke.

Anticipating the high interest of potential customers, the Company is preparing a new sample unit type three floors. SIEN Flowers Interior Design has decorated this show unit, located in Tierra’s marketing office, to specifically show it as a modern minimalist office space. ***