Jakarta (31/3) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) has successfully completed the construction phase of the main structure of the City Tower apartment Fifty Seven Promenade, located in the central business district of ​​MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. The completion of this construction stage was marked by the topping off by the Company’s management and contractors, on Wednesday, 31 March 2021.

Intiland’s Director of Business Development, Permadi Indra Yoga, stated that the Company’s current focus is to ensure that long-term consumer investment in Fifty Seven Promende is well maintained. This topping off is a milestone for the Company in completing the construction of Fifty Seven Promenade. Subsequently, the Company entered the completion stage of building facades and the interior of the City tower in this exclusive vertical residential project.

“Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are continuing to do our best to immediately complete the construction of the Fifty Seven Promenade apartment. Topping off is a milestone in the development stage as we meet the expectations of consumers who entrust their investment choice to us,” said Permadi Indra Yoga in the press conference held in Jakarta on Wednesday (31/3).

Fifty Seven Promenade is a mixed-use and high-rise development project located in the central business district of ​​MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Occupying an area of ​​3.2 hectares, the development of Fifty Seven Promenade is divided into two stages.

The first phase of development occupies an area of ​​1.3 hectares which includes the construction of two apartment towers, namely City57 with 24 floors and Sky57 with 49 floors. Meanwhile, the second phase of development consists of one apartment tower, one office tower, and promenade retail facilities.

“Currently, we continue to accelerate the construction of the Sky57 tower to keep it on target. We project that the construction work will be completed in a few months, so that the topping off of the Sky57 tower can be done in August 2021,” he said optimistically.

Fifty Seven Promenade is one of the Company’s flagship projects projected to contribute to its long-term business performance. The first phase of development is the result of a strategic collaboration between the Company and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), a foreign exchange reserve management agency based in Singapore.

Launched in August 2017, Fifty Seven Promenade received a hugely positive response from the market and currently 84% of the units have been sold. This apartment, which offers 498 residential units, provides various types of units to meet consumer needs. The types available include Studio with an area of 42 square meters, type 1 bedroom covering an area of ​​55-82 square meters, 2 bedrooms covering an area of ​​104-115 square meters, to type 3 bedroom which has an area of ​​up to 183 square meters.

“We express our appreciation to consumers who have entrusted their investment in Fifty Seven Promenade. It is our commitment to deliver on trust by fulfilling customer expectations to get added value by staying in Fifty Seven Promenade,” said Permadi Indra Yoga further.

According to the Head of the Fifty Seven Promenade Project, Trijas Hwe, the Company is optimistic that the construction process of the Fifty Seven Promenade apartment will run smoothly, despite the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The Company continues to make every effort to achieve the development progress targets.

Trijas Hwe explained, in accordance with the development plan, the construction work for Fifty Seven Promenade will be completed in the third quarter of 2022. The Company will then carry out the process of handing over units to consumers starting in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“The development progress is still in accordance with the planned schedule. We are committed to completing the entire construction process on time, so that the buyers can immediately enjoy living here,” said Trijas Hwe.

The Company believes that this year the national property market will still be quite challenging. However, the Company is optimistic that the condition will gradually improve in line with the trend of property purchases which starts to return to positive growth.

Taking advantage of this momentum, the Company shall increase sales, especially for the available units in Fifty Seven Promenade. These efforts include offering certain promo programs that provide conveniences for potential consumers, a 5% discount, prizes in the form of furniture, smartphones or laptops, and cash rewards.

Facilities and Services

The success of Fifty Seven Promenade was inseparable from the added value offered by this apartment complex. Apart from quality, another deciding factor was the changing consumer behavior towards being more selective in buying and investing in property. Consumers tend to be more selective in choosing products, especially those with premium quality, strategic location, and provide comfortable living and strong development prospects in the future.

The location of Fifty Seven Promenade is very strategic, as it is in the heart of Jakarta’s business center as well as in a mature development area. Apart from being close to the best shopping centers in Jakarta, prestigious offices, hotel and MICE facilities, Fifty Seven Promenade is also near the center of integrated public transportation and infrastructure lines, such as the MRT (mass rapid transit), LRT (light rail transit), airport express train, and Transjakarta bus network.

“The factors of living comfort, ease of access, and the area’s well developed environment are the main advantages that customers look for from this apartment complex,” said Permadi Indra Yoga.

He further said that the development concept of Fifty Seven Promenade offers many aspects of the comfort of living in a central business district. Besides being close to various facilities, Fifty Seven Promenade is also equipped with two floors of premium facilities such as a sky garden, waterfront jogging track, to an indoor swimming pool on the 59th floor of Tower Sky57. Other facilities and services such as shuttle car services that will take residents to shopping centers and to public transportation service centers.

Beside the advantages in terms of location, comfort and accessibility, Fifty Seven Promenade also provides a variety of special facilities. A unique element of this condominium is that it houses the facilities on the top two floors of Tower City57, namely on the 23rd and 24th floors. This concept provides privacy and a unique experience for residents to enjoy all the available facilities.

In this area, a sky garden will be built in the form of a bridge that connects the City57 and Sky57 towers. In this area, there are various main facilities, such as a sky lounge, semi-outdoor swimming pool, children’s play area, spa and sauna, gym, entertainment area, and a private dining room. ***