Jakarta (11/7) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues its development of Aeropolis integrated area. Occupying an area of 105 hectares, Aeropolis is designed as an airport city, an integrated zone that supports future developments of the Soekarno Hatta (Soetta) International Airport.

Totonafo Lase, Head of the Aeropolis Project, explained that Aeropolis is developing rapidly into an area that is not only comfortable as a place to live in, but also one that meets a variety of other needs for business. In addition to providing thousands of apartment units, Aeropolis also offers a range of business facilities, such as offices, commercial, warehousing, and modern lifestyle centers.

“This rapid development makes Aeropolis the best property investment for consumers and investors in the area near Soetta Airport. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, and this includes catering to the diverse needs of a growing community,” said Totonafo Lase.

The Company also continues to increase the investment value of property units being marketed to consumers. Among others, the Company is collaborating with a number of hospitality management companies that would assist apartment unit owners to manage and rent their property.

At present, there are at least four hospitality management companies that have been operating in Aeropolis area, namely Travelio, Aparian Mediapura, Oyo Rooms, and Red Doorz. These four companies offer different apartment unit management and rental schemes.

In addition to hospitality management, Aeropolis is also one of the development areas in the airport’s vicinity that is of notable interest to hotel operators. There are four hotels currently operating in this area, namely Nunia Inn, Swift Inn, De Green Inn, and Smart Home Inn—altogether providing a total of 345 rooms.

Totonafo Lase said that the number of hotels and hospitality management companies in Aeropolis goes hand in hand with the rapid development of this region. To meet the need for residential space, there are currently 4,500 apartment units in Aeropolis.

“There are around 3,600 apartment units that have been handed over to the buyers, and the rest are still in construction and final completion. This higher number of units is expected to be able to meet the increasing need for rental apartment units,” said Totonafo Lase at the media update activity in Aeropolis, Tangerang (11/07/2019).

The rise of hotel and hospitality management companies is seen to provide added value for Aeropolis as an integrated area in Soetta airport’s vicinity. Since its launch in 2012, Aeropolis has grown rapidly and has become a Vibrant, Liveable and Viable area.

One of the proofs of developments is seen from the number of people who live and work in the Aeropolis area, which reaches around 3,000 people. Other developments can be seen from the occupancy rate of hotels in the region, which on average attains 70 percent.

“The need for hotels and apartments for rent in Aeropolis is quite high, and tends to rise further. In certain periods, for example during the Hajj or Umrah season, hotels will usually be fully occupied, and no longer able to accommodate additional needs. This is because our location is very close to the airport and the facilities available are wide-ranging,” he said further.

The increasing need for lodging facilities offers owners of apartment units an excellent potential for profit. This condition has also caused apartment and hotel rental rates in Aeropolis to continue to rise.

Rates for studio type apartment units in Aeropolis reach an average of Rp2.2 million per month or around Rp200,000 to Rp300,000 per day. Meanwhile, the average hotel room rates are around Rp300,000 per day and Rp9.5 million for one month.

Totonafo Lase remains optimistic that the community’s needs for Aeropolis apartment rental facilities are growing rapidly and will soar higher. The level of rental needs for apartments is becoming increasingly diverse, not only for daily rent, but also for weekly and monthly rent.

Cooperation with hospitality management companies is a strategy of the Company to provide the best level of service to the community as well as owners of apartment units in Aeropolis. This measure delivers the best alternative choice for investors and apartment owners.

“Each of the management companies has their respective advantages and added values, including the rental market potential. So this can yield maximum benefit and automatically make the investment value of the apartment rise,” said Totonafo Lase.

New Developments

Development of Aeropolis integrated area is in line with the direction of future development of Soetta airport. This area’s development will become more massive along with the development of transportation infrastructure such as airport trains and plans to construct new toll roads to connect Serpong region with Soetta Airport.

“Aeropolis will remain as the best property investment in the area around Soetta Airport. This area will be a complement to and support for the direction of airport development that is rapid and exuberant,” said Totonafo Lase.

Anticipating these developments, the Company has prepared a new development plan for Aeropolis. The Company plans to launch a new apartment building at the end of this year or early next year.

Apartment units that will be launched will have a larger size. These units will also be marketed fully furnished with furniture and utensils to make buyers’ lives more convenient.

“We are finalizing this plan. The apartment units will be more spacious because it will be a one-bedroom type, with prices ranging from Rp350 million,” he said.

In addition to apartment units, the Company is currently marketing warehousing facilities as one of the latest developments in Aeropolis. The first stage of development involves the construction of 105 warehouse units of various types.

The warehousing facility has been received very well by the consumers. Out of the 85 warehouse units marketed, currently 79 units have been sold.

“Now there are only six warehouse units that we are offering, ready for use, and all of them are the smaller ones. Other units are being built and need advance payment to purchase,” said Totonafo Lase.

The Company is committed to the development of Aeropolis in the future. Aside from being one of the Company’s main projects, Aeropolis also has a very bright prospect for future development as an advanced and modern airport city.***