Jakarta (19/11) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) launched the Intiland Youth Panel and I AM Community as one of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs aimed at young people and the millennial generation. Through the Intiland Youth Panel program, the Company took the initiative to disseminate information about the property sector and held various education activities about the property sector for young people from an early age.

Intiland’s Corporate Secretary, Theresia Rustandi, explained that the establishment of the Intiland Youth Panel program is a manifestation of the Company’s responsibility as a property developer. The introduction of the property industry and investment in property to young people is a strategic step to foster the industry in a sustainable manner and in line with the Company’s vision to provide opportunities for everyone to have a comfortable life.

The property industry is one of the strategic industries and key drivers of the national economy. The property sector has so far contributed greatly to economic growth because there are 175 participating industries, 350 Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises, and employing around 30 million individuals.

“As a strategic industry, industry sustainability is an important focus for all stakeholders, including Intiland as a property developer. Thus, ensuring that young people and millennial groups understand more about the property industry and investment, are that they are able to invest or buy property products, is an important step, because they will be our future customers,” said Theresia further.

The establishment of the Intiland Youth Panel and I AM Community programs originated from the concerns over the general perception among millennials that property is not a key priority. They feel that other things, like lifestyle, vacations, hobbies, gadgets, or branded products, are more important. This lack of knowledge about the property industry and investment has given rise to the prevailing view that property is not a priority and is perceived as something that they cannot afford.

As an effort to increase outreach, Intiland Youth Panel program is implemented through collaboration and collaboration with various institutions and communities that share a common goal. This program also gave birth to a community of young people, one of which was the I AM Community. In addition, the Company also collaborates and provides support for the UI vocational and student programs to carry out a feasibility study on one of the Company’s projects.

“We open the widest possible opportunity for young people to take part and learn about the property industry through the I AM Community,” she explained.

I AM Community is a community consisting of young people from various educational backgrounds and regions. This community focuses its programs and activities on educational activities, expertise, personal development, and motivation regarding the property investment and industry.

Initiated in 2018, this community with the slogan “I AM Smart, I AM Capable!” Has grown rapidly, and its membership is now spread throughout Indonesia. The members come from students from several universities, including the University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Bandung Institute of Technology, Airlangga University, Sebelas Maret University, London School of Public Relations Jakarta, Moestopo University, Bina Nusantara University, and Pelita Harapan University.

“We are happy to see the enthusiasm of these young people. They are extraordinarily creative with their fresh ideas and have a strong passion for sharing experiences and a commitment to developing this community collectively,” stated Theresia.

I AM Talent Program

Along with its development, I AM Community has been actively successful in holding various programs, both in person and online. The activities held raised various interesting themes and involved participants from various cities in Indonesia.

Monica Tanata, founder & Chief Executive Officer of I AM Community, explained that one of the main programs at this time is I AM Talent, a selection and training event for Brand Ambassadors and Ambassadors (“Duta”). The selection process and series of programs are held online through the Zoom and Instagram applications for three months, from August to November 2020.

This program, which targets the millennial age group, provides various types of training and self-development methods that are beneficial to its participants. The programs include personal development such as grooming, personal branding, public speaking, teamwork, network development, and leadership, as well as education on content on social media, career development, as well as an deepening of understanding about investing in property and the property industry.

“This program is specifically designed and targeted at the millennial generation. They can learn about how to develop their potential and career effectively, be able to utilize social media development, and understand and have the courage to invest in property products since young,” said Monica.

The I AM Talent program specifically motivates and invites millennials who are enthusiastic and curious about learning new things. Participants who pass the selection process and are subsequently selected as Brand Ambassadors (BRAM) get the benefit and opportunity to take part in exclusive classes that are held regularly with experts in their fields. They also have the opportunity to build their networks professionally, to get the opportunity to take part in training and direct mentoring from top executives of national companies and experts in various fields.

According to Monica, the I AM Talent program, themed ‘Millennials Breakthrough’, was packaged to bestow confidence to the millennial generation, as they are a generation that is capable and has the opportunity to make a change. They are expected to be able to take advantage of every opportunity from a young age as agents of change, by optimally developing their potentials and abilities to bring about better change.

“Every individual is gifted with their own potential and talents. The challenge is only in recognizing, knowing how to develop, and having a total passion and commitment to progress and develop. Our role is to help them find that path,” said Monica.

In addition to self-development, I AM Community also has the aim of educating and disseminating the importance of investing from an early age, especially in the property sector. Using a fun and educational approach, the I AM Community makes optimal use of various social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, Podcast, LinkedIn, and the website. In addition, various training activities, sharing, talk shows, and interactive discussions through webinars, chatminars, or face-to-face meetings before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Monica explained that so far the I AM Community has been active in organizing various activities and activities that are attended by its members and the wider community. One of the main programs is the “Wake Up Project” which is widely followed by millennial generation. This program has a series of activities such as a series of talk shows and seminars by presenting experts in various fields. I AM Community also initiated a property joint venture with minimum capital with Estator and plans to hold competitions around ASEAN countries for free when the pandemic is over.

Theresia Rustandi, who is also a member of the Board of Patrons of I AM Community, expressed her full appreciation and support for the commitment of I AM Community in developing the potential of young people in Indonesia to better understand the property industry, both in terms of property investment and from the side of knowledge about the basics of property instilled in each activity.

“We are proud to be able to contribute significantly to the development of the young people of Indonesia. Through I AM Community, we want to build awareness among young people about the importance of investing, managing finances, and making the best use of opportunities to have a better future,” said Theresia. This community is expected to produce high-potential, talented, and understanding young people who can become reliable investors or even good property businesspeople.

“I AM Community will also be a talent pool for the industry towards the needs of young professional candidates who excel and understand the property industry,” she explained.

The members of the Board of Patrons of I AM Community are a well-known figures in the national property industry. They include Hendro S. Gondokusumo, the Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Property, Theresia Rustandi, Deputy Chairperson of Real Estate Indonesia, Darmadi Darmawangsa, Chairman of the Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association for the period 2009-2015, and Eddy Hussy, Chairman of Real Estate Indonesia for the period 2013-2016. ***